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Is Japanese VR OK so play? Let a female experience the device of incontinent pleasure is rolled out

The theme that game encircles this year is VR undoubtedly, regular firm can roll out a few special health up VR game, the VR unit that there was gent to make a pleasure that makes female experience incontinent and ashamed sense actually in Japan however! Paper of this younger sister reads in light of us how leaking check of circumstance private parts is incontinent.

This female that Japanese gent develops is incontinent experience device is accurate for it is device of VR of experience of human body digestion, the girl is gotten on by installation external digestive simulation unit, can project in computer screen the digestion structure that gives human body interior includes intestines and stomach enteron and excrete, after the girl drank a water, the meeting with this VR corresponding device shows on screen water is in the condition of going from place to place of digestion of human body interior, can show water to final screen from human body excrete an organ to pour out of, and the exterior simulation unit on girl body is main is to excrete imitate, open valve through handiwork, let girl experience fall to the circumstance that is without a feeling in oneself, the imitate that water pours out of from him lower part is incontinent experience.

This suit buy from A to Z the girl just drank a water to do not have incontinent really, but the illusion of the person that the VR technology with simple have the aid of brings an experience, the person that let an experience is experienced personally in public incontinent ashamed, the word says this device considers to come out to appear to be able to regard human body education as utility namely, be like without what too big utility besides, japanese gent people always can mix oneself cerebral hole the technology is put in a few strange respects.

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