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Has not love story been over? SQUARE EXNI is alluded ” final illusion 10

SQUARE ENIX rolls out in PS2 platform ” final illusion 10 ” it is the very famous work in whole set, to domestic player the story before two leading role also lets many people remember profundity, additional ” final illusion 10 ” also rolled out ” ” final illusion 10-2 ” of such continuance stories derive work. So ” final illusion 10-3 ” whether does hopeful continue the development of the story? Producer of SQUARE ENIX game boreal Lai beautiful model hold recently ” dispute imagines NT finally ” network communication is met on, answered the question that vermicelli made from bean starch raises, having in the suggestion it seems that make ” final illusion 10-3 ” plan. On this second activity, personally acoustical actor also is at the same time ” final illusion 10 ” the Gao Ye Ma Lijia of big vermicelli made from bean starch is northerly Lai beautiful model quiz, henceforth whether in a planned way is made ” final illusion 10-2 ” besides derive, add is made or the plan such as DLC. To this problem, boreal Lai beautiful model express ” final illusion 10 ” the story makes HD answer recently in the modern drama that collects when quarter edition, when transcribe modern drama, development staff appeared to make at that time ” final illusion 10-3 ” idea, the job is very at present busy nevertheless, still cannot come true. Additional, to before open Yecunzheye of scale ” final illusion 10 ” of two leading role insert a picture newly, player hope can regard as new dress appears in ” dispute imagines NT finally ” medium problem, ” dispute imagines NT finally ” the director still enquired Yecunzheye, the answer that the other side gives out is to be rolled out first ” final illusion 10-3 ” . Boreal Lai beautiful model expresses subsequently, at present each vermicelli made from bean starch still passes this piece to insert a picture to imagine ” final illusion 10-3 ” . Look, still be as expected first ” imagine 7 refashion edition finally ” the first chapter is finished first say again, can not continue again digging pit.

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