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Mischievous dog from maritime space of the black mystery that become addiction 4 play greatly embezzle assassin credo original painting straightens

Before knowing everybody still writes down, mischievous dog is in ” mysterious maritime space 4: Bandits dead end ” conduct propaganda piece in used without allowing ” assassin credo 4: Hei Qi ” the thing of original painting? This incident caused not small awkwardness really, after mischievous dog is apologizing, also remove original painting.

Incident of malfunction of afterwards E3 handle from black later, mischievous dog comes from again black. Be in ” mysterious maritime space 4 ” on a piece of newspaper in game, because violate copyright,keeping division of specially good effect awesomely and put in prison, an employee is on the photograph all over the face the sample that the smile is passed in bagnio. Must say mischievous dog is real can play too.

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