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[everyday be good at take how many step best _ everyday be good at walk along how many kilometer appropriate] –

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If be to want,a lot of people feel be good at the body state that takes him improvement should want, such ability can have the effect of a preserve one’s health, the pace number that actually everybody needs and time are different, this is to want a foundation fromShanghai Long Feng forum

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The body situation with particular oneself will undertake judging, want to old people as far as possible the time that goes reducing walk with vigorous strides to go, not strength is too great, should go 5 minutes everyday only can.

Everyday be good at take how many step best

Everyday be good at walk along how many kilometer appropriate

Grasping dumbbell be good at go: Average person in order to choose the dumbbell of 0.5 ~ 1kg advisable, at first be good at walk along speed to answer rein in, after suiting, carry gradually again fast.

Carrying satchel on the back be good at go: Choose blanket roll be good at when going, should notice to Cheng Fang does not answer to have edge in knapsackShanghai noble baby

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Clog, gross weight also with 2Shanghai night net

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~ 3kg is advisable, aglet should wide and soft.

Shui Zhongjian goes: Because water has buoyancy, bodyForum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby
The burden that creates to the waist and knee again was reduced than be when land a lot of, at the same time the obstruction of water can make again be good at the quantity of heat that when going, uses up increases considerably.

Binding sandbag be good at go: Because ankle place loads, increased be good at walk along difficulty, can achieve the goal that exercises staying power of leg ministry muscle thereby.

Everyday be good at take how many step best

Go in Qiu Dongjian should choose to exercise time suitably, best in the late evening 6 to undertake between 8 o’clock, the sun is already right now downhill, contaminant is shot without in relief illumination slowly deposit comes down, take exercise right now won’t breathe out to cross much contaminant. And autumn be good at go to still have a lot of notes. It is to want ready-made activity above all, prevent motion to be pulled.

Air temperature of autumn day some day is low, Shanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Cannot wear too little. The dress with wet sweat of dress of the avoid by all means after taking exercise lingers in air cooling, with self-defence body catch a cold. Carry momentum shoulds not be too big, defend campaign excessive. The autumn is the good season that take exercise, but right now gas of this world of essence of human body shade is lying inside convergence raise level, move to also answer measurable, in case desudation, this world enrages consume. The 4th should fill in time water. Athletic hind should drink water more, A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Secrete of mucous membrane in order to hold the upper respiratory tract normally, prevent guttural gall. The 5th, if meet misty day, visibility is bad, air pollution is serious, unfavorable undertake outdoors walk with vigorous strides goes.

Everyday be good at take how many step best

Be good at go to need to pant to be able to be achieved slightly only exercise a purpose, as it happens followed the principle that the autumn exercises. More important is, be good at go OK to protect the autumn to need alimentary 3 big organs most. Above all, the autumn is ” raise lung ” auspicious moment, be good at go to increase vital capacity on one hand, on the other hand the waste gas inside eduction body, promote lung the function. Next, be good at go to have oxygen campaign as, can increase especially in the heart of old people offers hematic function, avoid a heart and vessels to give the odds of the problem. Finally, autumn digestion often ” make trouble ” , be good at go OK to solve a lot of people ” constipation ” sth which it would be awkward to disclose.

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