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[? The ran after anteprandial ran or meal] _ ran _ exercises _ how to exercise – of _ motion method

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The comparison that the society develops now is fast, everybody faceFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Right pressure is general also slant big, if if the body of neither one health serves as,be being propped up, be to do not have so much energy to answer everyday of trival thing. A lot of people like to move to come down to exercise body of one private parts at ordinary times, run for instance ran. So, is the ran after anteprandial ran or meal better? To this problem, everybody sees the introduction of later development together.

The ran after anteprandial ran or meal is better

? ? Before morning runs, cannot eat firstShanghai Long Feng forum

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Breakfast, because food enters the need in the stomach to undertake digestive this phase, the blood that the whole body runs into travel morning after eating breakfast can be centered in limb, it is almost in the blood of gastric ministry 0, the food in having gastric wall and stomach only so grinds directly, when arriving, in morning the conference in running appears gastralgia symptom, gastritis of long-term and such meeting can appear even of gastric ulcer.

? ? How to achieve result reducing weight, you must run in morning in run sufficient 80 minutes of effects that have oxygen campaign in order to achieve, meet only otherwise the thing needs its are turned over. Morning runs after the end, after must resting half hours, have breakfast again, had better be a cup of milk adds a fruit.

? ? Run in morning the avoid by all means in the process chokes with resentment. Choke with resentment can bring bigger negative charge to the heart.

? ? The morning when avoid by all means is having a fever runs. Force of the immunity when the person has a fever is reduced, the body is used up canForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Quantity, plus ran also be a kind of bad news can move, both energy is used up, make be offerred inside body can balance maladjusted, bring about illness accentuation instead, cause other disease.

? ? Had made the preparation before running, working winter air temperature is low, go out morning runs dress cannot too feeble, especially epigastrium should notice heat preservation, withLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Avoid catch cold catch cold to cause taste unwell1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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. A cup of plain boiled water had better be drunk before going out, drink water to be able to complement not only moisture, remove the impetuous of buccal dry tongue of one night, and can reduce hematic concentration, stimulative blood circulation and material metabolize.

? ? Is the ran after anteprandial ran or meal better? No matter be the ran after anteprandial ran or meal,do not have how old problem actually, it is possible. But the time of ran and intensity need are made according to his actual body condition, cannot let oneself feel the body is exceedingly unwell quite, have the law scientificly hold to ran to reducing weight and promote healthy have pretty good effect.

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